Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

Transport case to measure

In addition to the traffic lights, all kinds of professional flightcases (transport boxes, wagons) are also manufactured according to specifications.

Advantage: everything from one source


- transport case as a flightcase, made of Birches multiplex, aluminum profiles, large ball corners

- 4 x Rivet Protected Recessed Handle,

- 2 x butterfly medium latches,

- 3 x Strut Hinge,

- 1 x overlap for padlock

- with 100er steering and brake blue wheels,

- partly upholstered (mass by default)

(Up to 4 tripods, 2 x power cable drums, 2 x signal cable drums, 1 x accessory case, 1 x laptop case, connecting cables and 2 x loudspeaker box) of a two traffic light system including our offered loudspeaker system

Dimensions (W x D x H): 124 cm x 54 cm x 66 cm (height including rolls)

Weight: approx. 25 Kg

Also other dimensions and equipment are possible. We gladly create a corresponding offer!