Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

Bow traffic light SMD-Led Full Color in the Flightcase:


- Very sturdy housing with black scratch-resistant structured plastic surface glued and pressed on water-proof birch plywood (multiplex)

- Sika-Butyl-sealed and riveted aluminum edges and large ball corners, protective covers, folding handles and closures
- Heavy Duty Welded Steel Top Hat for Aluminium Speaker stand (internal diameter 35mm)
- Installation for connection current (cold plug with fuse and switch, external network socket, external antenna connection)
- satin opal acrylic glass with moss rubber sealed aluminum frame (89% transparency)
- 1 x 230 Volt fan and temperature controller
- 1 x 120 mm fan cutout with cover grille
- 4 x aluminum metal brackets, 30 x 20 mm, 320mm high, built-in for the LED modules
- 6 x SMD-LED modules 32 x 16 SMD-LEDs
- 1 xRaspberry Pi 3B 
- 1 x Adapter-Plate 
- Power connections for the modules
- 1 x power supply 5V / 40 amp
- 1 x network client WLAN module, network cabling CAT6, external antenna
- 1 x 5 port / 100 switch
- cabling for 230 volt, LED modules, network client module, fan, antenna
- 5 m power cable (power supply unit)
- 1 x Millenium BS-2211B MKII Aluminum Speaker stand
- Flightcase Traffic light completely installed and ready to use as seen in the photos
Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. W: 100 cm D: 30 cm H: 35 cm
Weight approx. 25 Kg

A suitable access point is provided free of charge and fully programmed / configured for each traffic light system.

These traffic lights are ready for immediate use. (Assembly, switching on, ready)

Speaker for Singnals 

Matching loudspeaker systems for the audio signals as well as complete loudspeaker systems can be found under (prices / PA Systems)


No shipping with a freight forwarder or package services.

However, we would also be happy to take the new equipment with you, according to schedule, into operation.
It is also possible to supply the equipment, including commissioning, at your premises. (Please ask!)