Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

Descenders such as "g" or "y" in the running text

To show sublimes in the running text. open the PureContest.ini file in the program directory" Purecontest "with an editor. Please note that by a smaller font the legibility at the distance decreases.

Please try a little bit and try out which font is the most suitable.

- Change the value at FontSize to a smaller value, 10 or 11.

- save the file.

With the values ​​Type 2 y you can also play. This changes the position of the font. Type 1 to <0>. Font may be any font installed on the computer. Extract from the contents of the PureContest.ini file:

[LED Laufschrift]

Font = Arial

FontSize = 10

Type 1 y = 0

Type 2 y = 14

The font size (Fontsize) of 10 is also easy to read and the letters are now displayed completely. Do not change the rest of the file. If nothing happens, simply delete the complete file. The personal settings are gone, but it works again with the basic settings.


Mode display on the traffic light too big or too small

Please note that the display size in the calculator is 100%. Not more but also not less. The percentage changes the display size on the display. Setting for Windows 7: - Start the system control - Start "Display" with double-click - Set the readability on the screen to "100%". Reboot the computer. But you can check it again. Start PureContest and the menu line, menu point "About" and then "Info" must be as follows: - FontSize 96 dpi Then everything is OK!

Delayed display of time or no reaction at the color lights

At the color traffic lights (SMD modules) the following observations were made:

After the start of "PureLed; Display start" is sporadically in the display not "Powered by Pure Contest" displayed or still appears otherwise any reaction. If the display is active then there is a display misfire. Sporadically, time is running, i. the time stops for a short time (2-3 sec,) to quickly count down to the current time.

Previous solution:

Under <Interfaces> disable the broadcast (remove tick at After that, the problem did not reappear.